Friday, September 6, 2013

Jaxon Jeffery Hawkins

Today our sweet sweet boy is ONE MONTH OLD! I can't believe it! We do not know life without him anymore. He is everything and more! We have been blessed far greater than I could have ever imagined and absolutely love every second with him. Like I said on the day he was born, our hearts are forever changed.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above.." -James 1:17

Jaxon's Birth Story
Three days after Jaxon's due date (Friday August 2nd) we went to our final appointment knowing that if he didn't come before we could head to the hospital August 5th to start a nighttime induction and meet Jaxon on the 6th. We left our appointment 100% effaced, Jax was low but still not dilated. Our doctor just said see you on Monday. Over the weekend I started having contractions timing them as close as 5 minutes apart, but nothing ever stuck. I knew I had to be dilating though and hoped it was enough to skip some of the induction techniques at the hospital. Monday night came (August 5th) and we packed the car and made our 20 minute drive to the hospital knowing life would never be the same and the next time we pulled up to the house it would be with our baby boy. We couldn't wait! We got all checked in and settled in our room before my Dr. came in around 11 pm to check everything out. They were ready to insert cervidil to start the induction unless I was 3cm dilated then she was going to break my water. Fortunately, I was 3 cm so she broke my water and everything officially started! We were filled with excitement and emotions and couldn't believe we were hours away from meeting him. Jared and I called our families with the update and about 15 minutes later my contractions started coming. I was happy my body responded so well to the water breaking and was ready to get this going. First contraction came and lasted a minute and then stopped.  Less than a minute went by and I had a smaller 20 second contraction. About a minute later, I had another contraction lasting a minute.  I was surprised to be getting them back to back and after this went on for a bit I called the nurse in to make sure I wasn't just being a weenie with the pain and that I was actually getting all of these with no rest in between. She confirmed what I was feeling and was surprised they were already on top of each other the way they were. We all felt if this kept up we would be meeting Jaxon early that morning. After about an hour and half of constant contractions I decided to get the epidural. This helped me relax and get through the night. Jared and I tried to just rest as best as we could.

I got checked on regularly through the night and soon we made it to 4 and half cm feeling good about moving along. They called my Dr to come and sleep at the hospital because it was looking like Jaxon would be coming by early morning. My contractions continued to be on top of each other, but I was not moving past 4 1/2 after couple hours. They tried to slow my contractions down to be able to start a small dosage of pitocin to help me dilate. It took a little while, but a window opened where they could add some pitocin and immediately after the contractions started right back up the way they were. I was really starting to feel these as I had two pockets on the left side where the epidural never stuck. They had me on oxygen most of the night and were starting to worry about Jaxon getting too stressed from not getting any rest from the contractions either. My Dr. was back to check on me around 8 or so and just said she hoped I had progressed more when she came back after lunch. 10am rolls around and I am still at 4 1/2. We had discussed possibility of C-section if we continued to stay at this point and it would be the Dr's call when she came back. A couple hours later, I started to feel a ton of pressure and called them to come in and check me because it felt like I was getting close to needing to push. Well, I had progressed to a 6/7 which was good news and Jaxon was just so low. It was about noon and it was really starting to hit me how exhausted I was after more than 12 hours of labor and just lack of sleep. I started to get really emotional and was in pain on the left side and just needed an answer if we were going to do a C-section or not. Jared just sat there rubbing my back and I just tried to stay calm and wait for my Dr. She came in around 115 and I have never been so happy to see her. She checked me and I was still at 6/7. After 14 and a half hours of labor and constant contractions my body hit a point and was just not going any further. We could have waited it out, but that was not the safest or healthiest option for both Jaxon and myself. It turns out all the pressure I was having was Jaxon trying to make his way out before I was at 10cm. This is why he had such a cone head at birth ;) At about 130 my Dr. called a C-section. I cried like a baby for a few minutes while Jared called our parents and then had to pull myself together. My doctor (who I absolutely love) was so amazing prepping me and the nurses were great. They quickly got us ready, wheeled me out right down the hall and we were on our way to meet our little boy. Jared was dressed in scrubs and waited for a few minutes outside the operating room while they got me ready and about 10 minutes later they had started. I could feel the tugging and pulling sensations and didn't realize that just a few short minutes later we were about to hear the greatest sound ever. It was so fast! At 2:29 pm Tuesday August 6th we heard Jaxon's cry and he was here!!! From the time I left my room to the time he was born it was less than an hour.

They took Jaxon across the room to weigh him and measure and check him out...all healthy!! Jared stood right by him and I just laid staring at him asking all sorts of questions about his weight, eyes, hair etc etc. They brought Jaxon over to me just a few minutes later and I got to hold our sweet boy for the first time kissing and talking to him while Jared hugged on us. It was the first moment as a family of 3 and by far the greatest moment in our life so far. They let Jared and Jaxon stay in the room as long as possible because I had cried earlier about them leaving me in there and then they handed Jaxon over to Jared to carry out of the operating room and down the hall back to our room. Both our parents were waiting by our room and were surprised to look up and see Jared carrying him back to the room. I am sure Jared has never been so proud to hold him and show off his son for the first time. It only took about 20 minutes to get me sewed up and cleaned up and they were wheeling me back to my room and my perfect little family.

Jared and I spent the next hour bonding with Jaxon, feeding him and loving on him. It was the most special, intimate hour as a family and everything we had been waiting for was finally right there happening. Jaxon was here and he was beyond perfect! We had never seen anything so beautiful. He snuggled and looked in our eyes and our hearts felt so complete. Our precious, healthy baby boy had arrived and life was never going to be the same. It was going to be better than we ever could have imagined. Every part of the labor and delivery was perfect. It did not go how I planned or expected, but it was perfect. God is SO gracious and SO good. I am so thankful for a healthy and beautiful pregnancy, labor and delivery and of course for a perfect, healthy baby boy.

Jaxon Jeffery Hawkins
August 6th, 2013
2:29 pm
9lbs 5oz, 21 1/4 inches long

We have adjusted to life at home with him and are having the best time watching him change and grow. He smiles all the time and accidentally giggles in his sleep. He stares right at us when we read to him, he follows toys with his eyes
and sometimes reaches out to them during play time and he works so hard at tummy time strengthening his neck and moving his legs. He is a great eater and starting to really get chubby :) Jaxon is very strong and we practice his running everyday moving his legs ;) He has been very alert and curious since day one and he grunts and coos all the time when he is awake "talking" to us. He loves to snuggle with mommy and lay on daddy's stomach. He sleeps good and wakes up close to around the same time each night to eat and he does not like a wet diaper! He's not a huge cryer but definitely gets fussy letting us know he needs changed or he his hungry. As you can imagine, we are over the moon with everything he does and will brag on him to anyone who wants to hear :) Life is GREAT!

Thank you to EVERYONE for your constant prayer and love throughout our entire pregnancy and now beyond labor and delivery. Jaxon is so blessed to have so many people that love and care about him! We can't wait for you to meet him!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On the Verge of a New Chapter

One year ago Jared and I were returning from our Caribbean cruise and trying to plan out how the next year would look for us. It was unknown, but the one thing we were certain about trying was going overseas with work. We were ready to make that happen late fall 2012, early winter 2013. Fast forward 4 months to our anniversary dinner discussing one day expanding our family thinking we would spend the next year overseas and then maybe start trying. With the wheels already in motion making moves trying to figure out the best international opportunity for us, we quickly had to reroute our plan as we found out the morning after our anniversary dinner we were expecting Jaxon. Fast forward another 8 months and now we are on the verge of the next steps of our life. It’s funny how quickly things change. Just when you think you have your plans all figured out, God naturally throws in a curve ball and changes it all up! We could not have been more thrilled with this curve ball and look forward to taking Jaxon overseas for some family international experience with work in the next several years. We would love for all of our children to have that exposure and know the whole world is at their fingertips!  

This post could possibly be the last post before he arrives or there could be 3 more. Ok…we both know I won’t be writing 3 more even if he doesn’t come for another 3 weeks. Sorry y’all I’m a busy lady! ;) It’s fun to reminisce about the last year and where we are today anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first baby. I am so thankful for such a beautiful pregnancy and ask that you cover us in prayer for an equally beautiful birth experience. I have spent the last 8 months with the thought of a natural birth in my me I even tried to get it out of mind. Before I got pregnant I thought all you women who delivered totally natural were crazy, but then it became one of my biggest hopes and I even started to think I would let myself down if it didn’t work out as a natural birth. After months of research, watching live birth videos (Yeah Jared really loved when I did that lol), studying scripture and constant prayer I have total peace going into this birth that whatever happens is perfect. I don’t know if I have the body to give birth naturally, but if he decides to come on his own without induction (which I really hope he does) I am going to try. However, I am not going to be disappointed if I need to get an epidural or if the process ends in a C-section. Whatever happens is perfect because no matter the way he decides to come we will get to see those beautiful eyes staring back at us at the end of it. No matter what, I want to enjoy the whole process. No matter how painful, overwhelming or anxiety-filled it could possibly get I want to look back on the experience and just remember how special every moment was. As women, our bodies were made to do this! I have pushed my body to what I thought was its furthest limits before through athletics, but this is about to be a whole new ball game. Am I ready for it? Who knows, but it’s coming either way and I am prepared to keep my body, mind and heart strong for him. I have learned that pregnancy and soon childbirth is a challenging time physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but it’s also the greatest time to be strong in all of those. It’s a perfect example of all of that coming together in what will be the greatest moment in our life thus far. I tell Jared I think I am just going to cry the whole time being so overwhelmed with love at the thought of seeing/holding him the first time. There is a good possibility of this happening and the nurses will probably have to be like get it together crazy lady! We ask that you pray for us for a healthy labor and delivery and most importantly a healthy baby.

I’m encouraged to know I’ll be going through this with the greatest partner. Jared has been so incredibly supportive and confident during this whole pregnancy. There were times when I was so worried about the Jaxon’s health or certain results and he always stood strong in faith that Jaxon was 100% healthy and this pregnancy would be seen through the very end until he was in our arms. It was good to have that at all times. When I asked Jared if he is ready for the birth and knows what to do, he simply answers “All I need to know what to do is to say What can I do for you? What do you need?” His only request is that Jaxon doesn’t show up before this Wednesday because our new awesome video camera doesn’t get here til then ;) I know his confidence and strength is going to be key on that day because it’s going to keep me strong and confident in the whole process. I’m thankful for him, for our love and friendship and for our marriage. We make a great team and can’t wait add this little guy into the mix!

Another good appointment yesterday. We had a quick ultrasound to check his amniotic fluid and make sure he’s still a happy camper, because I have not gained any weight in the last 2 appointments. He’s doing great getting what he needs and I’m ok with not gaining excess weight in the last month. I think both of us are about maxed out! One things for sure, he has chubby cheeks! Everyone who has done an ultrasound on him makes that comment. We made solid progress this last week and the reality has set in about Jaxon being full term and he could literally come at any moment. Hopefully by next Monday we make even more progress towards the big day! Fingers crossed my water does not break at work!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

9 Months and Counting!

Hello 9th month of pregnancy! It’s so great to finally be to this point, however it now becomes the world’s longest waiting game. Impatience at its best. The last 36 weeks have flown by, so we can stick it out for few more ;) Almost two weeks ago we had our final ultrasound to check out Jaxon’s weight estimate..and we have a big a big boy! Or so we thought leaving that ultrasound. After our regular appointment with the doctor we headed over to the hospital to get the ultrasound done and it was our favorite so far. We enjoyed it even better than the 4D because the nurse was able to get so many great shots. Jaxon surprisingly was not camera shy this time J We saw his hair, ears, fingers and toes wiggling, strong legs, cute face with chubby cheeks, his strong heart beating and even his eyelashes! He makes all sorts of expressions and it was like an intro into his little personality before he’s even here. Jared had another proud Dad moment when the nurse said, “look at him flexing his muscles for us. ;)” He still moves a lot and I don’t think he will be slowing down before labor. This boy is going to wiggle his way all the out!

 After all the measurements the nurse estimated his weight at 6lbs 9oz…my mouth dropped! I told Jared we need to go straight home to pack the hospital bag and get ready because he has got to come out. Almost 7lbs at almost 35 weeks….if you do the math that makes him between 9 and 10 lbs at 40 weeks(probably closer to 10!!). For this momma who would love to deliver him naturally that is just not going to work out for me! We left the appointment on a high after spending half an hour watching our son on the screen and totally convinced ourselves he is coming early and thinking the doctor would completely agree. I couldn’t wait to get back to our doctor a week later and see what she had to say about the results from the ultrasound (a nurse did our scan at the hospital not the doctor). I knew in the back of my mind she wouldn’t think anything of it as it is all just estimates, but I still wanted to think maybe she would want to get him out like tomorrow if he really is that big. She came in and laughed at me when I said, “did you see the weight?!” and quickly reminded us she has delivered plenty of babies who have been estimated at 8lbs at 35 weeks and only weighed 8lbs when they were born a month later. She just needs a ballpark range and nothing we can do to know for sure. My stomach is measuring on time and not far ahead like Jaxon was estimated at so we will see how much he actually weighs when he decides to come on out. She did however say she would love to see me get through the next 2 weeks and then deliver (on my own, not induced) to keep him from getting so big and really wants to see me make good progress over that time. We have made a little progress, but still have ways to go. My body is definitely at work preparing for labor, so I take it all as good signs but now it is just a big guessing game when he will come. Really hoping we progressed a good bit when we get checked at the next appointment on Monday. I came on my due date and Jared was 10 days late, so hoping he takes after me and not Jared in this if he doesn’t come early. At least I know she will only let me go max 1 week over if it comes down to it…hopefully we don’t even have to worry about that! Either way, we are in the home stretch and will get to meet him just a few short weeks. We could not be more excited/ready! Come on Jaxon!!

 The countdown is officially on! Place your bets now!

The Hawkins


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jaxon will be here next month!!

Hey y'all! We are getting close! 33 and half weeks and counting. I have been waiting a long time to say he is due next month when people ask!! It’s been a very hectic couple of months, but we finally closed on our first home May 31st and have been getting all moved in and situated the last couple weeks. We LOVE our house and are in the process of making it our home J I am starting to stress about Jaxon’s room…I think it is safe to say I have hit the nesting stage. We have set a goal to be all ready for Jaxon after July 4th weekend and we are making good progress so that should be no problem—I’ll post pictures of his nursery when it is complete. After that, all we will have to do is install the car seat base in the car, pack our hospital bag and wait it out! Hopefully the waiting game isn’t longer than we expect!

We have been going to the doctor bi-weekly the last month and will start going every week after our next appointment which is next week. Our doctor says he sounds very happy in there as his heart is beating strong and he is still such a wiggle worm. He moves all the time! People keep asking me if he is starting to slow down, but I think he is moving more than he ever has the last couple weeks. It’s cool because we are starting to be able to tell his feet or hands when he is moving them in my belly based on his position. He’s getting extra comfortable up in my ribs…not always the most comfortable feeling in the world! Sometimes I think he thinks he can push his way out the front of my stomach! We are measuring exactly on time and anticipate staying this way until the end. In a couple weeks we will have our final ultrasound and get his weight estimate. Taking bets now on if he will be as big as Jared and I both were??? I guess we will know soon enough!

We are really starting to check off all the last things on our third trimester to do list. We found our pediatrician, and had our maternity tour this week at the hospital which was great! We are really excited about this hospital and it was nice to take the tour seeing everything and go through all the steps of what will happen when we arrive for his birth! We’re very confident in the support this hospital provides and all the neat policies they have really encouraging and promoting Parent/Baby bonding starting with the “Golden Hour” in the first hour after birth keeping baby skin to skin the whole time and encouraging our new little family to have that hour to bond just with baby. They even talked about weighing him after that hour which we thought was interesting, but we will probably weigh him really quickly out of curiosity J They also have something new called “Snuggle and Snooze” to where nurses, lactation consultants, doctors, etc can’t knock on our door during a certain time everyday allowing for rest. Of course if we needed something they’d be there and we can call them in but since people are constantly coming by it allows us to have a break from all the medical attention for a little bit and just rest or have intimate time with our visitors. We both think this is all pretty cool!

The hospital tour made us that much more excited and just ready for him to be here. We are getting really close!! A little over 6 weeks from his due date and hoping he decides to make his appearance a little before! A lot of family is patiently (or maybe impatiently ;)) waiting to meet him and we can’t wait to share that special day with our family. He can’t wait to meet you all J I am still feeling good, but it is getting harder to do some normal things. I can tell it’s time to start slowing down a bit. Prayers would be appreciated in the final weeks for our health and for our labor and delivery as well. We want to meet him in July….really hoping he doesn’t decide to come in August ;) Jared not only has his countdown to Jaxon’s arrival but is already counting down the days until football season too because he is excited to have his little buddy watch all the games with him this year! His Vandy collection has officially started!

We love our little boy already and can’t wait to officially meet our son!

Also a big Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to both our Dads who celebrate both of those this weekend!
And a very special early Happy Father’s (to be) Day to Jared who’s heart already lights up for Jaxon and will make the best Daddy!


Anna, Jared and Jaxon

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Second Trimester Update!!

Wow, time is really flying! I realized I haven’t updated since the big gender reveal (oops), but we have been so busy with our move to Houston, starting work down here and some traveling! As I sit here and write this at 26 weeks pregnant I can’t help but look back over the last couple months so thankful for the wonderful people in our life. Jaxon is one blessed (and spoiled) little boy and he is not even here yet! I have been fortunate to have 4 baby showers with family and friends in 4 different places. This has been so special because everyone is all over the place and you have all been able to be involved in some way. We really appreciate the love for Jaxon and all of the sweet gifts!! We have been able to check so many things off the list of what we need because of you all! (See shower pictures below) J

We are officially Texans! We are getting settled into our new life in Houston and really enjoying the change. We have A LOT going on—new city, new job location, new house and of course new baby, but everything continues to move along as planned. Thank goodness!! We met with our new doctor the first week down here and really like her and her whole staff. She made the transition really easy and we are very excited to have her deliver our sweet boy. Also, the hospital is amazing! We are in great hands. We are officially pre-registered for his birth. July is going to come fast!

I have loved the second trimester. It’s been full of energy and so much excitement with the gender scan, showers and lots of growing. Surprisingly, I love all the changes I am going through. Pregnancy really is the most beautiful thing and I feel very blessed to be able to experience it. There is nothing better than feeling Jaxon kicking and rolling all over the place. Jared loves being able to experience the kicking too and we have been trying out find out Jax’s favorite music seeing what he responds to. So far, it seems to be Justin Timberlake. I don’t blame him..that new album is good! We already have so much fun with him. We can’t wait to meet him!!

Jaxon continues to develop and grow healthy and strong! He has definitely hit a major growth spurt since I last posted..maybe even two of them.  He is doing great and I am too. Exercise is definitely helping me continue to feel so good. We have another appointment this Friday for gestational diabetes testing and the normal checkup. Soon we will start going to see the doctor every 2 weeks instead of just monthly. We are about to start the 3rd trimester…can’t believe it! We are doing a 4D ultrasound in a couple weeks and are very excited for this. Looking forward to a sneak peak at what our little man is going to look like and of course just another ultrasound is always a bonus. We will get a disc of all the pictures taken and a DVD of the session, so pray we get a lot of good shots and I’ll be sure to share some of them.

Two of my cousins are expecting and I remember thinking when they have their babies (which seemed so far away) we are definitely getting close in the home stretch. Well, they are so close! Jessica/Alex and Natalie/Stephen, we are thinking of you guys and can’t wait to hear about the arrival of your little boys in May!

To all of our family and friends for being a part of a baby shower in some way we love you and appreciate you all very much!!

With love,
Anna, Jared & Jaxon Hawkins

Here are some pictures from each shower. There were so many more pictures from them of people who came, pretty decorations and of course all the gifts, but I just put a few so this wouldn’t be so long!! 

Greenville Shower :)
Thank you Carole, Ashley and Hilary for hosting a perfect afternoon with all of you! We missed you Hilary!


Huntsville Shower :)
Thank you girls for Jaxon's western themed shower!! Miss you all!


Albertville Shower :)
Thank you Aunt Vicki for the cutest Jungle Themed Shower! Loved seeing all the family in Albertville!!


Destin Shower :)
Thank you Kathy and Lisa for hosting this beautiful shower at Kathy's! So great seeing everyone back home!



Again, a huge thank you to everyone who threw/came to a shower or sent a gift! Everyone involved made each one so perfect and special and I loved the intimate time with all of you!! I wish I could post all of the pictures and showing every gift Jaxon has been spoiled with!

20 weeks!
23 weeks!

26 weeks!

Monday, March 11, 2013

IT'S A.......


Jaxon Jeffery Hawkins

                20 weeks
           His cute feet :)

We are beyond excited to officially confirm a little boy is in our future. Jared and I both felt this one was going to be a boy. I guess mother’s instinct was right ;) Most importantly, the anatomy scan could not have gone better and everything is very healthy. He is developing and growing as he should and we are so thankful for that! Also, my placenta previa found in the last ultrasound is completely gone showing the placenta has moved up away from the cervix as it should. Great news!

We can’t believe we are halfway through the pregnancy. Time is flying! I am still loving being pregnant and it has been so much fun planning and picking things out. It was a little overwhelming registering because there is so much to consider, but it was really exciting. We just can’t wait for him to be here! My heart has already changed so much and I am literally obsessed with him ;) I’m already “that mom” wanting to show off his ultrasound pictures lol. I can’t imagine how we are going to feel when we get to see and hold him for the first time. Our hearts are so full and we are so thankful for all the love surrounding Jaxon already.

I am finally starting to feel some kicking going on as of the last week or so and loving it. Jared hasn’t been able to feel anything yet, so we are both anxiously awaiting stronger kicks and consistent movement. His heart rate was beating strong today at 145 and we got to see so many great shots of him. We were able to see his feet and hands for the first time really good. It is amazing doing the ultrasound and seeing his brain, heart, kidneys, spine, abdomen, etc etc. So cool! I know I’m partial, but I just think his little profile is the cutest :)

For those of you that haven’t heard, we are moving to Houston at the end of this month. Work is taking us there and we are really looking forward to the change and everything ahead. It’s a great move professionally, but most important personally for our family. We were down in Houston last weekend and purchased our first home! I am flying back for a day this week to be a part of the design meeting picking out all the final options since it is a new build, which will be fun. We will officially be in Houston the first of April and move into our home in May. We are going to miss everyone here and the friendships we have made!! Lots of changes going on, but everything has been moving along smoothly. We are ready to get to Houston and get everything set up in preparation for the baby in July.

I will start posting more frequently as we have baby showers, the move and more appointments in the near future! There will be lots of pictures to post!

Thank you so much for the continued love and support throughout our pregnancy!! Below are some belly pics over the last couple weeks and shots of Jaxon from our last ultrasound at 16 weeks.


Anna, Jared and Jaxon :)
                     Jaxon at 16 weeks
                          16 weeks

      Growing very quickly!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Here We Grow!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a few weeks since there has been a blog update, but we go to the doctor every 4 weeks right now and there wasn't too much news to update before this week. Don't worry, we've been taking belly pics watching the growth over the last month :)

We went to the doctor for an appointment that was not routine due to some unusual spotting on Monday (Feb 11). The doctors felt everything was fine, but had me come in just to check. Everything is ok! I do have placenta previa (placenta is low) which was the cause, but this can be common at this point and should correct itself over time. This does not cause any harm to me or the baby. We did an ultrasound and got to see our sweet baby for the first time since 8 weeks. He/she has grown SO much and it was amazing to see all the features and hear the heartbeat again. The heart rate was at 148. Unfortunately, we didn't get too many pictures because the baby was all cozy with arms and legs folded up in a little ball. The nurse checked for gender since we ended up having an ultrasound, but both feet were covering the baby's bottom. The wait continues until March 11 :)

We went to the doctor again today (Friday the 15th) for our regularly scheduled 16 week check up. We just had a quick belly check to measure the growth, which happens to be lot over the last week and half!! We are growing quickly and i'm loving it. We heard the heartbeat going strong at 148 again. We just love getting to hear and see our baby! It is the greatest thing and always so special. It's amazing to see all the changes.

Our next appointment is just a little over 3 weeks away and is the big one!! March 11 we find out the gender and get the results back for all the health tests we have done. Can't wait! I am dying to start buying everything for the nursery and of course all the cute little outfits :) With the appointment quickly approaching we have asked family and friends for their official gender predictions.

Here are the results...

Jared's Mom 
My Dad

My Mom
Jared's Dad

Jared and I have been back and forth, but lately he is really thinking boy and I am going to stick with my first instinct which was definitely boy! :)

                                                                        14 weeks :)
                                                                       16 weeks :)
           15 weeks, 6 days. Face down with arms and legs bent. Sleeping or practicing block starts ;)

We are just loving every minute of it. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and everyday we just feel so blessed! Hoping the next few weeks go by fast!!!


The Hawkins